Industrial Automation: 

We solve any kind of Industrial Automation Troubles. Our company also doing electrical erection for new machine Setting. We have expert industrial automation engineer. We already did various troubleshooting in the various company in Bangladesh such as Amber Board Mills, Royel Plywood, Polar Icer cream, Hellow Ice Cream, etc. We also offer Industrial Automation Training for Basic, Mid and Expert level about PLC, HMI , VFD, SERVO, and Process instrument.

PLC Based Industrial Automation Training

We offering PLC-based modern Industrial automation training. In the Training section, we will train you about Simeans logo PLC, Simeans S7 200 PLC, Simenas S7 300 PLC, Simeans 1200 PLC, Mitsubishi FX01 PLC, Delta PLC, and LS Master K PLC. We also train you about HMI, VFD, Servo motor, Servo drive, Scada, and DCS. After finished your training we hope you do any industrial automation.

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We design any kind of robot which you need. Just share your ideas and get proper solution. We have intelligent  Research and development unit. We already completed various project, for example, Firefighter robot, Smart rotary car parking system, Drone, etc. We also offer you for Robotic training about AVR Micro-controller and Arduino.


We install CCTV system in your home or offices. If you face any problem in your CCTV system just let us know we will solve it properly.